On August 6, 2016 at exactly 6:55am, I boarded my flight from Prague back to London. Seating in front of me, was this girl who gazed out of her window with a yearning and hopeful heart. I wanted to speak to her through this small crack, but opted for anonymity. After all, there is beauty in the unknown. The following is what my mind conjured up about this wandering young woman. 

Mikaela refused to be a dull cliche. She made peace with her loss. She wasn’t jumping on a plane to get away; this trip was not romantic, nothing orchestrated. Mikaela knew her Mom would want her to do just that, move on. Returning to London meant returning to routine, and she also made peace with that. She’s not the typical millennial; she’s certainly no dull cliche.

Name: Mikaela Novak.
Ethnicity: Czech.
Religion: An Agnostic Catholic (no sees reason she can’t identify as both).
Occupation: Anthropologist, but can only afford to be a receptionist.
Marital status: Single millennium.
Children: Thanks to a thin layer of latex, none.
Loves: The feel of cold soft cotton of her pillow.
Hates: Polite smiles.
Fears: “Generation Me.” Entitled narcissistic d-bags who believe they inherited that “special” trait. Twitting and Snapping strong liberal political views, condemning ardent religious views, while delaying adulthood to a ridiculous extent. She feared her generation and the repercussions they’d have in the future.

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