Walking down the Gambetta metro station,
I see a small indoor shop.
That’s also where I see her.
Ogling over the
Beautiful dresses.
She looks left,
then looks right.
No one is looking, but I am.
She reaches for some hangers,
Five sparkling dresses, to be exact.
Opens up her bag,
And throws them inside.
No one notices,
That is, until she meets my eyes.
The Gambetta Station thief
Then holds her bag real tight,
And takes off, running  really fast!
Cheers to this metro stop in Paris,


New image

I’m halfway between heaven and earth.
In that magical instant when
reality and fantasy collide.
That’s what meeting her was like.
I knew she wasn’t going to bring my mom back.
She wasn’t going to fill the fridge with food.
But, only she had the power to
make my soul and my body want to twirl.
I stood there, pondering my childhood dreams—
to twirl underneath the great, iron lady!
In my most disheartening moments,
all I wanted was to meet her—to dance with her!
15 years later, we meet.
she greets me—enchantée
with 20,000 dazzling light bulbs, to be exact.
And we twirl, we dance…between heaven and earth!