Unwept tears drown from within.

Unwritten words type blank pages.

Unuttered secrets afflict the soul.

Unfulfilled goals yield frustrated dreams.


Undoing oneself is not easy.





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On August 6, 2016 at exactly 6:55am, I boarded my flight from Prague back to London. Seating in front of me, was this girl who gazed out of her window with a yearning and hopeful heart. I wanted to speak to her through this small crack, but opted for anonymity. After all, there is beauty in the unknown. The following is what my mind conjured up about this wandering young woman.  Continue reading



Crumpled napkins are said to hold truer truths than entire novels.
Like, JK’s words before they were hard-covered.
Like, the red lipstick he wiped off before getting home.
Like, the bucket list she wrote after graduation.
Like, the binky his daughter threw after a tantrum.
Crumpled napkins hold truer truths than entire novels.